Cheese and Wine

What you will find at The Cheese and Wine Cafe

Like watching a classic movie scene shot in Paris, you will fall in love with Judy’s Cheese and Wine Cafe’. The relaxed atmosphere evokes a sense of fun and offers a hint of romance.  The menu is nothing short than authentic appreciation for quality ingredients.  Organic living combined with creativity…add a dash of tradition… sprinkled with good cheer… you can taste this receipt at Judy’s Cheese and Wine Cafe’.

Expect to find the owner Judy buzzing around on any given day.  Outside of the culinary delights, this Cafe’ offers something unique.  Judy and her family are skilled at the art of reminding us all to stop and smell the roses.  Whatever the occasion, the locals know you don’t need a reason or excuse to enjoy a glass of wine, indulge on something sweet, or stop by for a coffee and have some fun.  As most cafe’s go, the secret of success demands running on a small staff made of family who enjoy what they do.  That is much of the charm you will find watching Judy and her mother humming and laughing as they move around tending to the needs of every patron like an old friend.

From the regular lunch crowd to the first timer experience, attention to detail is consistent.  It’s not uncommon for a first time visitor to feel a little overwhelmed and in awe. The decoration offer endless entertainment for the eyes to wonder over.  Many shelves filled with goodies you want to take home as if on a holiday.  Combine all these things, and a menu equally unique, consider Judy’s place an experience guaranteed to make you smile.